Meet the Director

Rebeca Zambrano

Director, Rockwall Campus

Rebeca’s Mexican heritage and colorful roots have molded her personality and love for children! She holds a degree in education and an associate’s degree in special education and learning disabilities. She also earned a certificate in child psychology and a certification in neurolinguistic programming. While living in Juarez, Mexico, Rebeca worked as a teacher for children with special needs. Upon moving to Dallas, she began her career in bilingual education and has never looked back.

With over 25 years’ experience in child care, Rebeca is proud to be the Director and owner of Spanish Schoolhouse Rockwall, together with her daughter Alexandra Cabada Zambrano. She enjoys the SSH culture and the warm relationships with all of the families who have entrusted their children to her care. Her favorite part of the daily school routine is welcoming all her students with hugs and high-fives! It fills her with pride to see the smiles on their faces as they develop confidence and a love of learning.

Q & A with Rebeca

What do you love most about educating children?

What I love most about working with children is the openness and willingness to learn they exhibit. They do not judge, nor do they criticize. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the gratitude and excitement in their eyes at every milestone and accomplishment.

How did you get involved in immersion learning?

I have always felt I was born to be a teacher and work with children. When I heard about Spanish Schoolhouse, I knew that I had to get involved in this innovative learning system. I worked for four years as a teacher at SSH Southlake. After working with SSH, I was highly motivated to be part of the growth of this immersive learning experience. Not only as a teacher but as a source of inspiration for all Latina women who are proud of their roots and willing to share their culture with the new generations. It was through this motivation that my daughter, Alexandra Cabada, and I decided to bring SSH here in Rockwall.

What is your personal teaching philosophy?

Like sponges, young children are ready to absorb the world around them. It is our job to impart valuable lessons beyond academics such as love, respect, and acceptance. Each child has their own unique gifts and as teachers, we are here to help them develop those gifts. We are the first steps and foundation in a lifelong educational journey.